World Globe (Blue Oceans) Inflatable 16" Beach Ball

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Learn and play! These inflatable globe replicas features an array of colors on a non-transparent finish. Oceans are blue, if you are looking for clear oceans, we carry that style also. Great for birthday party giveaways! Inflatable Beach Ball featuring The World. Comes deflated, you just blow it up. Just your mouth and big lungs will do it. No inflator pump needed. Meant to use as a fun toy with a world map, this is not to be used in place of a current classroom style globe. Not sure last time the world map was updated. Item is intended for fun first! Beach balls are called 16" un-inflated by our vendor, when inflated the diameter reduces to about 13" IMPORTANT NOTE: The height listed is provided to us by the manufacturer of the item. It represents the un-inflated height of the item, height will be less when inflated. Listed items are available in other sometimes larger or smaller sizes that we do not stock. Available stock reflects our actual inventory. Please email us if you need more of these items then are shown in our current inventory. We use a local supplier and may be able to get more the next day.